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While traditional panorama are photographed with special cameras these panoramas were created by 'stitching' together a series of pictures, up to 12 or 13 pictures for a full 360 degrees panorama. After you click on a link to a panorama you will find controls under the picture which you can use to zoom in, increase the scrolling speed, and more. I hope you enjoy them and please drop me an email with comments, questions, or location ideas for new panoramas. - John T Maguire 11/14/03, updated 1/20/2006

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Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport is a wonderful, white sandy beach, one of the nicest in Maine. Here it is captured at sunrise!


Goochs Beach Panorama II

Kennebunk's premiere beach photographed at sunrise 10/4/03

Kittery Point Harbor Cyclorama

Photographed April, 2003, with views of Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.


Walker's Point Panorama II

The summer home of George and Barbra Bush photographed at sunrise on a really pretty day in September, 2003


Drakes Island Beach, Wells, Maine Cyclorama

Photographed 3/22/2003

Drakes Island Wetlands, Wells, Maine Cyclorama

Photographed 3/22/2003


Gold Nubble Lighthouse Cyclorama

Photographed 2/22/2003 - A partial panorama of the Nubble Lighthouse shortly after sunrise.


'The Boats' Cyclorama

Photographed 7/31/2002 - The boats at Gooch's Creek have always been one of my favorite views, and it was a great day to photograph them. This is a huge file, so be patient, it takes quite a while to get started!


Saint Anne's by the Sea Historic Panorama

Photographed 7/11/1911, panorama created 2/4/02


The Nubble on a winter's day 1/15/02 Panorama

Brrr! You wouldn't believe how cold it was!


Colony Beach Sunset 1/10/02 Panorama

Usually I use a tripod to keep the pictures level, but this was just too good to miss!


Dock Square Prelude 12/4/01 Panorama

If there's a full 360 degree view I've yet to find it, and I've looked quite a few times!


"Narragansett Point on a Cloudy Day" 9/22/01 Panorama


Gooch's Breakwater 8/12/01 Panorama

My name on the rocks was done in Photoshop.

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